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Get a Better Ecommerce Website with These Effective Tips

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For us, ecommerce websites are fun. You get to be shop anything you want from the comfort of your home. But for the ones creating a custom ecommerce website design, it is so much than just shopping carts and items on sale. Categories, sub categories, listing all products and allowing customers to make a payment by just punching in their credit card details!

Ecommerce solutions have revolutionized the way we shop. It’s easy, cost effective, offering assortments to suit our every need. A good design is important no doubt but there are other important aspects that need consideration too. We have made a comprehensive list of such considerations.

ecommerce web design

  1. The speed of the site is one of the most important. The speed should be measured as the designers proceed with building it. They must put the site through various speed tests to ensure customers do not complain about the same; that they have an enjoyable shopping experience.
  1. All the products must have well crafted descriptions that may range between 75-200 words. These descriptions will give the customer a better idea of what the product is all about.
  1. Easier the ecommerce website is to navigate; easier it is to get more and more customers to buy the products. Categories, sub categories, search bars, filters, help the customer to look for stuff easily. If they do not find it easily, they would go to another site where it easier to browse and buy.
  1. An ecommerce website must optimize the best searching functionality. We are talking about keywords or key phrases here. Google Keyword Tool or WordTracker can be used to get desired results.
  1. Listing a stock level on a website selling products and services is considered pretty useful. Customers hate it when they are on the verge of ordering a product but then finding it to be out of stock. They are most likely to head to one of your competitors and find what they need.
  1. Your ecommerce website must be safe and secure. The customer will give confidential details- and everybody is reluctant to share this information online. You have to guarantee that the information would not be misused.
  1. Social media links must be added to the page clicking on which will take the customer to the respective FB, Twitter, Pinterest etc pages. This is the easiest way to inform customers about the latest news and trends, offers and discounts. Customers are also most likely to rate your services, spread word about your brand and review it!
  1. It takes a lot to become a popular and preferred ecommerce website. Adding details like payment options, delivery methods, return policy and other product and service related queries. More the information, easier for the customer to trust you and your products.
  1. While you are designing the site, SEO requirements must be discussed with the designing team. It should be incorporated in all your product descriptions and the pages must ideally be linked to various pages to help improve your ranking in search engine results.

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